A Fashion Playlist for My First YouTube-a-Versary

I’ve had my Wendy Brandes Jewelry YouTube channel up and running for one year, as of last Thursday! To celebrate, I’m putting together some playlists for you for the next couple of weeks.

First up is the best of my fashion-related videos. In these, I explain “slow fashion” and “homegrown vintage”; talk about my earliest fashion passions and how they influence me to this day; give shopping advice; answer your questions about vintage clothes; wax eloquent over my favorite vintage designers; and give you a look at what’s inside my closet.

It’s endlessly amusing to me that, so far, my most-viewed video — both on the playlist and the channel in general — is one that mentioned “mini skirts” in the title. It attracted a whole bunch of mini-skirt fetishists. I’m surprised they didn’t all give me a thumbs-down, because I never even tried on the mini skirts in question! I think I last wore one in 2002.

Click for a 1994 photo!

Even so, the mini-skirt video audience pales next to the blog traffic I got in 2008 when a German glove fetishist forum discovered my post about a pair of yellow leather gloves.

Click to see the original glove post, which is from 2007.

Did you know the German word for “glove” is “Handschuh“? The literal translation is “hand shoe.” I love that! However, my favorite German word is and always will be the translation of “fish.”

Source: FS – Jewelry Sites
A Fashion Playlist for My First YouTube-a-Versary