Fashion Repeats Itself: Money Stays in Style

Dollar prints on clothes and accessories are trendy again. Balenciaga is doing them.

Balenciaga scarf. Click to purchase on 24 Sevres.

So is Margiela.

Margiela high-top. Click to purchase at Bergdorf Goodman.

Whenever currency is au courant in fashion, I can shop my closet for my vintage Christian Francis Roth dollar dress.

The dress in 2013. Click for more photos.

The dress was created in 1991 …

1991 cover shot. Click for original post.

… but I bought it on eBay in 2009.

With my blogging friend Pamela in 2010.

I’ve worn this dress many times, including Fashion’s Night Out in 2010, when I bought a pair of s*x-ay, over-the-knee Tommy Hilfiger duck boots. Of course, I had to take a photo of that bizarre dress and boot combination just for laughs.

I didn’t wear this combo all night, obvi. Click for original post.

Now I feel as if Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga, stumbled across my picture and said, “That dress does need a pair of appropriate over-the-knee boots.” Because … look!

Balenciaga boots. Click to purchase at Matches.

I’m looking at those like …

I can’t justify buying these boots, but my birthday is in December, and if you like to get your shopping done in advance, I’m a size 36.5. Just sayin’!
Source: FS – Jewelry Sites
Fashion Repeats Itself: Money Stays in Style