Jewelry for My Imaginary Golden Globes Outfit

Yesterday, I showed you the two outfits I would have chosen between if I’d had gone to the Golden Globes last Sunday.

This is one of them. Click to see the other.

Here’s a closer look at the jewelry I would have worn with either outfit — all my own designs, of course. (I had to raid the vault for this little photo shoot!)

Click to enlarge.
  • From the left side, rings from top to bottom: Onyx skull with tsavorites and hidden diamonds; Siobhan perma-stacked stacking ring; Luna ring in platinum, diamonds, and a pearl; and three barbed wire stacking rings in 18K yellow gold and platinum.
  • On the other hand, top to bottom: My Bull and Bullfighter Maneater ring; full-finger, hinged barbed wire ring in 18K yellow gold; Gravity engagement ring; and Memento Mori skull ring with ruby eyes.
  • The necklaces are my pearl choker; 18k yellow gold Gloriana sunburst necklace; and 18K yellow gold arrowhead lariat necklace. Underneath all of those are my 18K yellow gold NASTY necklace and some random skinny chain that I bought to use in a necklace design that didn’t work out.

For my earring look, I went with my Cleves swan-wing design in onyx and 18K yellow gold. You can also glimpse my safety pin earring in platinum, diamonds, and 18K white gold, as well as one of my diamond and platinum micro studs for tender ears. Two other ear piercings that are hidden by my hair.

Click to enlarge.

The majority of these designs are on my website, but you can also just shoot an email to me at info at wendybrandes dot com to learn more about any of the pieces. Don’t worry — you’re not obligated to wear all of these at once like I do. Sometimes, when I’m really piling on the pieces, I remember a long-ago blog commenter who complained that I was wearing way too much jewelry for whatever outfit I had on. And then I remember the time I oh-so-tastefully wore about five of my designs at an out-of-town event full of publicists, and a gang of annoyed PR peeps sent me back to my safe-deposit box to put on every single thing I had with me. As my own best model (or, at least, my most frequently employed model), my jewelry aesthetic can best be described as “everything.” But I promise that you civilians can wear a single Wendy Brandes jewelry design and still make a big statement.

Also inspired by the Golden Globes is this week’s YouTube video in which I talk about how Time’s Up — the Hollywood initiative against s****l harassment — is great inspiration but not a sweeping solution. If we want to truly change society, we’ve got to do more than tune into awards shows. Sorry about that. Wouldn’t it be great if watching E!’s red carpet fixed everything?

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Jewelry for My Imaginary Golden Globes Outfit