RIP, John Mahoney

I’m so saddened by the news of actor John Mahoney’s death this Sunday!¬†Mahoney co-starred in Frasier during the sitcom’s entire 1993 to 2004 run. His Marty Crane was the down-to-earth, dog-loving father of social-climbing sons Frasier (Kelsey Grammmer) and Niles (David Hyde Pierce) — an ex-cop who was a source of conflict from the moment his eyesore of an easy chair was moved into Frasier’s pristine apartment in Episode 1.

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I’ve had many nights of insomnia during which I’ve finally given up on sleep, turned on the TV, and watched four episodes of Frasier in a row. (Oh, those elusive first and last episodes! I get so excited when they’re on.) Last night, I confessed to MrB that I felt very emotional about Mahoney, saying, “He feels like family.” MrB said, “No wonder, you’ve spent more time with him.”


I promise you that MrB is exaggerating for comic effect, but I probably have spent more time with the Cranes between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. (awake) than I have with anyone else. They’ve been excellent company — making me quietly laugh out loud many times — and it wouldn’t have been the same without Marty, and his little dog too.

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RIP, John Mahoney