Wednesday’s Video: The Golden Globes and Your Vote

I think I should be invited to all major red-carpet events just to prove that I can shop my closet for every occasion! Like on Sunday, when I was watching the Golden Globes, I thought of two outfits immediately. The dress code called for black, and I’ve been in a pantsuit kind of mood, so this was my first option (click to enlarge the photo).

What Wendy Would Have Worn
Suit: Dolce & Gabbana (2003)
Shoes: Prada (2003 or 2004)
Top hat: J.J. Hat Center in New York (2013)
Jewelry: My own designs

On the other hand, I really like that top hat with my S*x-ay Pilgrim Dress, so I might have worn that combination for a third time.

Click to enlarge.

Unfortunately, my Globes invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, so I wound up wearing the pantsuit for this week’s sprawling YouTube video. The Time’s Up initiative against s****l harassment — which was what was being promoted by the all-black dress code at the Globes — made me think about the way we often want people in the public eye to do the most while we do the absolute least ourselves. People! We all have to be activists, and the easiest and most important way you can become an activist is to vote. Yep, that’s what I got out of the Globes: inspiration for a lecture on civic duties.

I usually save these kinds of free association musings for my written blog posts, where I can organize my thoughts, avoid repetition, remember important names, etc. In addition, I like to keep my videos under 10 minutes — I think five minutes is perfect — but this video is nearly 16 minutes long! Oops. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I hope you do, I promise that I won’t subject you to many other vlogs of this style and length.
Source: FS – Jewelry Sites
Wednesday’s Video: The Golden Globes and Your Vote